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    Malta Residency by Investment!

    If you’re seeking a way to acquire Maltese residency, we’re available to offer assistance. With the Malta residency by investment program, individuals from abroad have the chance to invest in Malta and enjoy the privileges of residing and working in the nation.

    Investment Options

    Individual Investor
    Programme (IIP)

    The Individual Investor Programme is widely favored as a means to obtain Maltese residency through investment. To be eligible, investors are required to make a non-refundable contribution of EUR 650,000 to the Maltese government and invest a minimum of EUR 350,000 in real estate within Malta. Once this is done, investors can apply for citizenship in Malta, which in turn provides them with permanent residency in the country.

    Malta Residency and Visa
    Programme (MRVP)

    The Malta Residency and Visa Programme presents another well-received avenue for acquiring Maltese residency through investment. This opportunity is accessible to investors who contribute a minimum of EUR 30,000 to the Maltese government and make a real estate investment of at least EUR 270,000 within Malta. Subsequently, investors can apply for a residency permit, which provides them with temporary residency status in Malta.

    Why ChooseMalta?

    Benefits of Malta

    Obtaining Maltese residency through investment offers numerous advantages, which include:

    • Living and working in Malta: As a resident of Malta, you’ll have the privilege of residing and working in the country, enabling you to access high-quality education, healthcare, and a superior standard of living.

    • Business prospects: Maltese residency opens doors to initiate or invest in business ventures within Malta, providing an excellent opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio and generate wealth.

    • Freedom of movement: Being a Maltese resident grants you the freedom to travel in and out of Malta and across the Schengen area without the requirement of a visa, allowing for hassle-free movement and exploration of different countries within the region.


    Acquiring Maltese residency through investment can be a multifaceted process, but rest assured, we are here to provide comprehensive guidance every step of the way. Our experts will assist you in selecting the optimal option tailored to your unique circumstances. We will collaborate with you to collect all the essential documentation and ensure the submission of your application to the relevant authorities. Moreover, we will adeptly navigate any challenges that may emerge during the process, guaranteeing a smooth experience for you.

    Get in touch with us now to explore the range of possibilities available for acquiring Maltese residency through investment and initiate the process of securing your own Maltese residency. Contact us today and take the first step towards obtaining a Maltese residency.